How to transfer files to FTP server using FTP client Filezilla?

This is an easy step by step tutorial to show you how to use Filezilla. Filezilla is reliable, fast and easy-to-use FTP and it is also free!!

You can download FTP client from here!
Download FTP Client FileZilla

Make sure you download the file that says [filename].exe. Take a moment for the images to load. Ok! Now lets get started!!

Step One - Getting Started

Once you've downloaded and installed FileZilla fromhereyou need to run the program. Usually by going through the Start menu. Once it is open go to

File » Site Manager

Step Two - Customizing

You should now see a window appear like the one on the right.

First you click onNew Site.

Then you can type in whatever name you want likeMy Siteor the name of the site for example,Surreal Heaven.

Step Three - Administration

The Host is where you write your URL without the http://part. So an example would

The Username and Password areas can only be accessed if you check the Logon Type as Normal.

Your Username is your subdomains name.

Your password is the password given to you for your subdomain.

All these details will be emailed to you so make sure you keep them just incase.

Step Four - Connecting

Ok! So you've done all the administration stuff. Now you can connect and begin to upload.

Click on the icon highlighted to connect to the server.

Click on the black arrow to choose the site you are going to connect to.

Step Five - Uploading

When connected you should come up with something like the above.

To upload a file move a file in theredbox over into theBluebox. You could also double click on it and it would so the same.

Some text should then show up in theGreenbox. This is to show the status of the download. It also shows the files that are queued to be uploaded.

Step Six - Uploading Cont.

Sometimes you will get the message above. This is because there is already a file with the same name on the server.

Select the following so that it won't show up again.

Then you're all set!

Step Seven - Confirmation

You should get this message at the very top.

This is a confirmation to tell you that your upload went well.

Now that's all there is to it!! Happy uploading!!
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